A special report tyra banks and dating violence

There were times that he absolutely had convinced me that I was a terrible mother," she says.Oprah.com: How to heal your teens Then, after being married for more than 10 years, the emotional abuse took a violent turn."You play those stupid games with me, I'll knock your teeth out of your face. I'm going to knock your head across that wall," he tells Susan as their sons look on.Oprah.com: Susan's children speak out about her abuse At first, Susan stands silently in the room with her head bowed.Police recorded the phone calls to document his violent threats.

The judge sentenced him to 36 years in prison -- reportedly the longest sentence ever given for this kind of domestic violence. Lisa emphasizes that while the 51-minute videotape put a horrific face on the abuse, it was not the most important piece of evidence in the case."They came to my job, they took pictures, and we developed a plan," Susan says."[I needed] time to decide, where are we going to go? We had nowhere." As Susan fled with her sons, Ulner called her repeatedly, trying to track her down.With that comment, she says she came to the realization that Ulner could possibly end up killing her. When Susan got to work the next day, she was covered in bruises from the previous day's beating.When Lynne, her friend and boss who knew about the abuse, came over to check on her, Susan says she said, "Today is the day." Lynne called the police.

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