Accommodating death the ending of hamlet

Shakespeare’s life is a fake smile on the outside, but inside it is dark and lonely.Shakespeare is an imaginative person writing his plays.After reading this article answer the following question.What does your author say about the theme you have chosen to discuss in your essay?First, he shows how depressed he is when he only writes mostly tragedies.

Finally, Hamlet shows that depression is a main key during the play. ”William Shakespeare” Research Guide to Biography and critism 2. “Good King Henry and The Genealogy Of Shakespeare’s First History Plays. Gertrude also hopes her words will be a comfort her son to make him feel at ease with his father’s death.Killing someone could possibly take a toil on how death is viewed in that person.William Shakespeare William Shakespeare is a highly respected writer in modern day.But, in my research I discovered that Shakespeare is an imaginative, lonely, depressed person.

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