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I get their job isn't to care but that shows that bureaucracy at its height is doomed to be nothing more than a soul sucking vampire. philosophy law culture fucktrump hoxha Stalin lenin althusser communism bolsheviks legendary slipknot fuckmao antitrump fuckbureaucracy Memes, 🤖, and Fuck-You-America: I won't divest. I am putting my family members in power and I am in bed with Russia. This reminds me what George said about God and religion. " Memes, Portugal, and Flat Earth: fuck you america portugal has TWO freedom days america has 365 Rip Portugal, we are litterally the least nacionalists people in the flat earth we always think our country is shit- John 9/11, Memes, and Politics: Arming Fifty Young Adults And Sending Them To Syria For Science N Understanding Islam As A Religion of Peace Subscribed Add to Share More remove mayonnaise allah is the one true god we are all given 72 virginities fuck you america 9/11 part 2 coming soon SHOW MORE 49 130.14285 ♚ ♚ ♚ Backup: @dankery_memeicus_ii memes edgy furry picoftheday weed gaming 420 dank feminism smoke kek trump atheism instagood cringe love photography dankmemes rekt gta dancemoms deep cute emo politics marijuana memelord like4like lovequotes 4chan Memes, 🤖, and Corporation: Mark Morford hers 3 Week one of Fuck You America: Trump shuts down public wth switchboard, muzzles public comments by/freezes funding for the EPA, gag orders USDA scientists, reinstates deadly gag orders on int'l NGo women's health care providers, advances Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, promises to deregulate tons of industries for benefit of corporate cronies because who cares about chemicals and poisoned water and air pollution and public health? Burning cities and vandalizing makes you a terrorist 1 hour ago Edited Like 1 Reply Philip fomory oor I bet you're voting for Bernie too 1 hour ago Unlike 2 Reply Post CO Write a comment News Feed Notifications Requests Messenger More OV aby O Emmaon OW ok baby Ethan Sahar epiv Glad to have a guy like you fighting for my country!"Environmentalism is out of control," he grunted to automaker CEOs, as the planet just experienced the hottest year on record and ecological destruction is accelerating rapidly. 9/11, Fuck You, and Virgin: Arming Fifty Young Adults And Sending Them To Syria For Science Understanding lslam As A Religion of Peace Subscribed 49 Add to Share More 7 I 130.14285 remove mayonnaise allah is the one true god we are all given 72 virginities fuck you america 9/11 part 2 coming soon SHOW MORE smøøb Driving, Fuck You, and Hillary Clinton: OO 21 Never ever underestimate marketing Matt Harrigan rm going to kill the president Elect View 2 previous replies Regina Harrigan Julie Pusateri Newt you will have the FBlo- Matt Harrigan Bring it. View previous reply Matt Harrigan very much o Loren Cox Jesus has been nwen Write a comment. 44 minutes ago Like Reply Philip ilinmemenu Omg that's the best comeback ever bro What have you done for your country? I've been in the army for less than 2 years, helped keep South Koreans trained and ready for a fight against the north and deployed too Afghanistan.Yeah, you're right, my comebacks suck and that's what matters 26 minutes ago Like Reply m.Philip Pmre ers Post O Write a comment News Feed Notifications Requests Messenger More PM Ooo T-Mobile Search Philip Gacmanme ns, au You've made absurd claims, and have no facts to stand behind what you're attempting to debate.To all the #45 fundamentalists, apologists, worshipers, and staunch supporters.

Progressives must target and defeat Colleen Canfield approximately 221 of the opposition You just need to get high Share Matt Harrigan Nope, getting a sniper rife and perching Matt Harrigan myself where it counts. Don't fuck with someone who indefinitely will beat your ass. And trust me, I don't believe in safe spaces 2 Reply 40 minutes ago Like e Ethan ere th...He hasn't kept any of his lofty promises, and he still tweets like some prepubescent 11 year old, with a vocabulary about the same. Like View 1 previous reply Matt Harrigan very much so. 60% AM RIO 60% AM a a Matt Harrigan Posts Congre Seats are open for ections.So, please get this through your heads, we are not sore losers, we just don't want to lose the country simply because you hate so much that you've given power to a geriatric senile sexual predator and Russian puppet! Progressives must target and defeat approximately 22%of the opposition. This isn't your average no-name liberal on Twitter. Report him to the FBI and secret service, email SDCCOE and ask them to fire him.Typical Bernie supporter 23 minutes ago Like Reply Destiny t Sara Ethan, I don't agree with everything Philip is saying. If you live in America, You don't have to see Any of that because of people like him.Literally just show some respect and move on 22 minutes ago Unlike r 1 Reply Post O Write a comment News Feed Messenger Notifications Requests More PM Ooo T-Mobile Search enen Ethan see, she's a liberal who shares some of your beliefs, and isn't in her feelings, and has never and will never question my patriotism, love for my country and duty and my undying love for this country.

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    “This was just pure hatred and torture that went on all night, and then as we learned later, had been most of her life — she had never been free of injury and she had never lived a life free of pain.”Orlando said she, Martinez and Riedel worked closely with the lead detective assigned to case, Lindell Wright, who retired at the end of May from the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office after more than 20 years of duty, including 18 years as a detective.“I was informed that a baby was at Memorial Medical Center and was in bad condition,” Wright told the Sun-News on Wednesday.

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