Amy lee dating shaun morgan

everyone should buy disclaimer two its an awesome cd.

anyone who wishes to judge seether should keep their mouth shut until theyve herd their music.

personally, i think it sounds much better without her in it.

shaun's voice is all that song needs to be amazing.

Also, I think Remedy is another really Nirvana-sounding song from Seether.

I'm not much of a fan of newer music, but this song seems great.

i'm not dissing on amy lee or evanescence at all, they happen to be one of my favorite bands, but people need to just get their facts straight before they come on here and start making comments that are untrue that make them sound like ignorant idiots."I feel a dream in me expire and there's no oneleft to blame it on" reflects the meaning (to me) that the song is about being an addict and only the addict can stop it.

"I must assure you You're never gonna get away" describes the singers feelings about his alcoholism.

i can understand if someone said "well i heard that...blahblahblah" but when you just come right out and say "this is the reason seether wrote this song" you sound pretty stupid considering you don't know if that's true or not.

if any of you were real, true seether fans you would know that shaun morgan doesn't or very rarely tells people the meanings of his songs because he thinks that it changes how people will feel about them because everyone interprets them differently and relates them to different aspects of their lives.

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