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According to CNN Money, the average net worth for the following ages are: ,000 for ages 25-34, ,000 for ages 35-44, 0,000 for ages 45-54, 0,000 for ages 55-64, and 2,000 for 65 .

First, we must highlight what the average tax-deferred retirement savings plan is for those in America.In fact, any country that has any sort of tax-deferred retirement plan and social safety net program for retirement that has a GDP/capita of ,000 or more can use the below chart as an aspirational guide.Remember, we are talking about the “above average person.” The assumption here is that the above average person is able to start maxing out their tax-deferred retirement plan every year after the second full year of work, and continue on without fail until 65.As a 39 year old, I’ll focus on the Mid End column as a guidance.This chart does not take into consideration any after-tax savings post 401K contribution, but the high end does include 401k company contributions, as this is common for those with seniority and those who work at profitable, generous companies.

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