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What follows is shocking in the extreme, as Caligula forces the bride to watch him have sex with her husband.

Yet all this debauchery is merely a minor episode in a 156-minute movie that features protracted lesbian sex, filmed with a camera that lingers interminably on every intimate curve, homosexuality, cruel sadomasochistic acts, and continual explicit close-ups.

He strolls into the chamber, strips the terrified bride, throws her onto a table, holds her down and - commanding her to look him in the eye, and her husband to watch - he proceeds brutally to deflower her.

Then he turns his attentions to her innocent husband.

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Emperor: Malcom Mc Dowell clothed in Caligula It has never been seen in its disgusting entirety on British screens.Beside her, her handsome young husband, dressed in white robes to symbolise his purity, gazes at her lovingly.Hand in hand, they make their way to the bridal chamber.Among the topics covered on the program include salacious re-tellings of Hollywood secrets, show-biz scandals, celebrity murders and mysteries, porn-star biographies, and "where-are-they-now? It frequently features in-depth interviews, actual courtroom footage, and dramatic reenactments. network, episodes are usually updated to reflect the current life or status of the subject. True Hollywood Story originally started as a series of specials beginning on March 29, 1996, but evolved into a weekly biographical documentary series. The first True Hollywood Story focused on the murder of Rebecca Schaeffer.Episodes are either one or two hours long, depending on the topic being covered.

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