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Dev Patel Known for his pally relationship with Maxxie, Dev, 26, was the joker of the group and not quite as troubled as the rest of the Skins gang.Patel's phenomenal breakthrough came in 2008, when he was cast in the main role in Slumdog Millionaire, which went on to be an Oscar-winning box office hit. An outcast when she arrives at Roundview, Franky showed off her creative flair in seasons five and six of Skins. Check out the Pink News guide to Skins generation 3 below.He continues to work, most recently starring in Modern Life is Rubbish as Olly.Mavor’s character Mini was the top girl at Roundview in seasons five and six, friends with everyone and eventually getting pregnant by Alo.The series changed showrunners after season one, and appears they’ll do so again as they ready for season three.Netflix peak television offering Godless looks to put an intriguing twist on the conventional concept of the Western.

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The character is described as a drug dealer and party promoter who is always hustling in order to make money.With Steven Soderbergh, the esteemed big screen blockbuster director of (amongst other hits,) the Ocean’s Eleven film franchise, attached as an executive producer to the 7-episode limited series, created by Scott Frank, look for some twists and turns not traditionally found in the arid, dusty, tumbleweed-strewn genre.We've got a new trailer for Godless and it implies that the limited series will be seven episodes of feminist western action. A bit of a strange one, Alo was the best friend of Rich and eventually ended up the baby daddy to Mini at the end of season six.Merrick hasn’t had a shortage of work as an actor since leaving Alo behind, having starred in Doctor Who, Atlantis and Brief Encounters.

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