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9) (Personalized Accountability Question) 10) Did you finish your Bible reading and hear from God? 11) Have you been completely honest with me just now? " Celebrating our 47th year of Christian Camping in 2009 Camp Walter Scott is a year-round retreat facility.

These are from the House Church Manual by Bill Tenny-Brittian, Chalice Press, St. Christian Church in Illinois and Wisconsin sponsored youth camps run seven to eight weeks during the summer months.

Barb said she read the Chapter several times the prior week and the following letter came to her.

I looked at him, my mouth dropped open wide and I said to him, You dont even have anything with water in it. I was intrigued not by what he said, but it was the way he spoke that had me wanting the water he was offering me.

He spoke with authority but it wasnt harsh, it was gentle. I thought it would be wonderful to have water that would quench my thirst forever and I wouldnt have to carry a bottle of water with me ever again.

The closer I got to him I noticed he looked tired and worn out.

I didnt speak to him or make any eye contact, but he spoke to me anyway. I asked him, Do you know what you are asking of me? His reply was, If you knew who you were talking to you would ask me for a drink of living water.

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