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A base technology is a technology you wish to use as the root of your technology interest.

For example, if you define Magento as your base technology you can report on all sites using Magento and any combination of other technologies that the Magento sites use.

We can't provide trials of paid-for plans as the data is exportable.

The internet is made up of billions of webpages however we try to cover websites from a domain name ownership perspective rather than webpage perspective, our coverage for live domains covers the majority of the internet and attempts to exclude domain squatters and redirected domains as best as possible.

For yearly customers all credits for the year are available from day one.

Our reporting infrastructure creates reports with a maximum of a quarter of a million results.

Our top site data consists of over 2 million active websites and is refreshed on a weekly basis.

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If you wish to stop using our services you can cancel whenever you like on the Basic and Pro plan.

They are websites that are in our database that have particular keywords just on the homepage of that websites.

They are like a Google Search(tm) but just looking for the specific keyword or phrase you have entered.

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