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Instead, in addition the the name of a Cab Calloway song, it referred to a person who was jittery, initially due to alcohol withdrawal, and later involving one who could do a lot of fast movements.Still, especially overseas during WWII, swing style dancing was frequently called a jitterbug.Brad Carlton was the son of Arthur and Rebecca Kaplan. He had one daughter, Colleen Carlton, and one son, Robert.Brad first appeared in 1985, as the Abbott family groundskeeper.

) Due to the informal nature of Swing styles, it is known as a ‘street dance’.

Traci had just returned and, to keep her from leaving him for her professor, Tim Sullivan, Brad reluctantly agreed to try for a baby.

Ashley asked Jack not to ruin their sister's happiness with Brad's past, and Jack kept his mouth shut.

As the Wiki Lindy Hop entry notes, “Over the Back (the names describe the motion of the woman in the air) began to appear in 1936, the old guard of dancers such as Leon James, Leroy Jones, and Shorty Snowden disapproved of the new moves.

Younger dancers fresh out of high school (Al Minns, Joe Daniels, Russell Williams, and Pepsi Bethel) worked out the Back Flip, “Over the head”, and “the Snatch”.” Check out this clip from the movie Hellzapoppin’.

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