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Fixed error with some toolbar images when Zicom Mentor add-in is active.Modified algorithm to determine font sizing when zooming in and out.Fixed display error when 'Classes Honor Analysis Stereotypes' unchecked in options dialog (affected Class elements only) Fixed display problem with connector labels sometimes displaying black background for Print Preview and Print Modified XMI import/export to include message conditional Added Entity element to Custom page of UML toolbox Fixed error on code synchronization of C# and Java function names which could result in missing bracket Fixed case sensitivity issue in class names, when reverse engineering nested classes.Updated C import feature to include support for "typename" keyword in operation return and parameter types.Corrected display and updating of Diagram Note Created and Updated dates.Fixed saving object efforts, risks and metrics where Notes is empty string.

Excluded DDL Import of SQL Server 2000 dtproperties table.

Fixed problem with notes linked to element features or diagram note Reverse engineering a locked file no longers disables UI Removed the "Lock Package" menu option from all Project Root Nodes CSV specification is checked for completeness before import Modified the image generation code to allow creation of larger in memory bitmaps for drawing.

This avoids having larger images scaled down when saved to file in PNG, JPG, etc. This affects the Save Image to File and HTML/RTF generated images. Added option in Tools/Options dialog - Diagram page to set the maximum amount of memory to allocate when creating memory bitmaps for images.

Added option to show table owner on diagram - set option on Diagram Properties Dialog.

Fixed syntax of DDL table generated for Postgre SQL.

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