Dating a man with a hairy back

the one that's literally 'gas' who spends the majority of his life farting. They have no concept of money, and spend most of it on drink and a garlic chip' and cheese after. Or belching like a pig when you're eating out for dinner and CLEARLY people are looking.. We all know the dreaded fear of being shoved under the covers, trapped within a freshly blown fart!! If you spend more time acting like their mother than their girlfriend, it's never going to work.This is a defense mechanism they use to avoid the hard work of looking introspectively and discovering that just maybe the reason why they create drama is because they feel they have no purpose or drive; to admit that and give up drama means they have no purpose or importance in this world ).There is nothing worse than a woman who disrespects her man publicly and continually belittles and emasculates him in front of others.

who has to leave the room when my boyfriend eats because I literally want to gauge my eyes out. I wonder do they know we have absolutely zero interest in the number of kg's they lifted.. This guy is more than happy to sign on each month, and get paid to drive around in his Passat, creeping 17 year olds. They're like a 17 year old in a 20-something year old body, #foreveryoung? He takes 30 minutes in the shower (making life changing decisions and reflecting on life) , then another 15 brushing his teeth with three different toothpastes..

It starts off innocently enough, wanting to spend time, getting to know one another, and humorous little jabs about how we’re “missed” when we’re gone more than a few hours.

This will quickly devolve into her spending every waking second wondering why you haven’t called or texted, berating you because your lack of time together shows you “and it’s poisoning not just her, but you too.

“This chick just happens to be certifiably nuts.”There’s silence on the end of the other line.

I can’t tell if he’s hurt or if there’s just nothing more to be said.

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