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This class is conducted at our office located at 2201 N.

Main St., Dayton, Ohio 45405 unless otherwise indicated.

Throughout most moments of the day, you probably have your phone, ready to snap a quick photo to share on Instagram. READ ON...7 Reasons Why This Year’s Valentine’s Day Won’t Be Like Last Year’s It’s time to be assertive vulnerable with your partner. I'm here to assist in answering your questions and provide knowledge and education about our products.

You will both appreciate that you were able to open up and say what you are really thinking. I, along with the entire Customer Service team, invite you to call, email, or chat whenever you have a question or need support.

J fought herself into accepting her mother's marriage arrangements, wanting to express her true feeling to her mother.will provide you with the skills and tools necessary to help you in continuing to move forward in your relationship.This class is designed to help you and your spouse overcome big issues in your marriage, as well as identifying the smaller ones which are known to wear away at unity and intimacy.This knowledge will help you build a healthier, more intimate and ultimately more satisfying life together.The questions cover all aspects of your relationship.

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