Dhcp not updating dns ptr records dating a minor illegal

The setting with some additional info: Although the policy came through just fine, even after a reboot, my client was not registering his PTR record…So I used my 24/7 available free of charge consultant-helpline called google.Windows 2000 DHCP clients are dynamic update–aware and can initiate the dynamic update process.A DHCP client negotiates the process of dynamic update with the DHCP server when the client leases an IP address or renews the lease, determining which computer will update the A and PTR resource records of the client for the FQDN (which can contain a connection-specific DNS suffix).It then appends the domain name given for that scope and registers the A and PTR resource records.For information about how security for clients that do not support the FQDN option is implemented through secure dynamic update, see "Secure Dynamic Update" later in this chapter.Depending on the negotiation process, the DHCP client, the DHCP server, or both, update the records by sending a dynamic update request to a primary DNS server that is authoritative for the name that is to be updated.Clients and servers that are running versions of Windows earlier than Windows 2000 do not support dynamic update.

By default, the dynamic update client dynamically registers its A resource records and possibly all of its PTR resource records every 24 hours or whenever any of the following events occur: By default, the dynamic update client automatically deregisters name–to–IP address mappings whenever the DHCP lease expires.

Update [27/06/2013]: new information regarding the topic: Windows 7 & Reverse Lookup DNS Registration [Update] In my current project we have an Active Directory domain where we use Windows DNS servers with domain integrated DNS zones.

For the reverse lookup zones we configured secure only updates.

Note Dynamic updates can be sent on behalf of different services such as the DHCP client, the DHCP server, Netlogon, and cluster services.

The following sections describe only dynamic updates performed by the DHCP client and server.

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