Docky weather not updating

Regards, MDM Most Debian based distros come with alien, a command-line tool that will convert an to a .deb, the other way around as well.

The last time I used it I found that it was still architecture-specific; that is, it can't convert a 32-bit to a 64-bit

Sometimes this is useful but other times I wish the Docky would only reflect the apps I have open on the current desktop. I installed this to make it easier for my mother to find her favority programs but this defeats the purpose when it has to be manually restarted to get it to work. Easy to use and good looking: it’s true that “it just works”.

Again, thank you for all your hard work on this project! But several docklets don’t, and docky isn’t well integrated with UPower — that’s why it vanishes when the laptop is disconnected from AC supply (see

f=42&t=210079), and why you won’t get any battery readings, even with the latest PPA.

IDK) and I don't see how an app can be written to deal with such changes on-the-fly.

But then you might as well just compile the newer xfce4-weather-plugin, I guess.

I am starting to wonder another file is the culprit, since someone else (I thought I noticed the same thing, but figured it was a coincidence) above mentioned that when they installed my-weather-indicator, the other app started working again; maybe a library or shared/common file was updated).

(Or else make some sort of script only on that desktop, I guess.)This is a biased review as I haven't tried the other dock programs, though after installing this one I didn't need to. You can't customize every single detail, but there are certainly enough features available to play around a little.

It just works, not too fancy but has enough features for the average user. The dock gives a very elegant feel from the start and the only downside I've encountered thus far is that the feature that is supposed to show the Deluge transfer speed in the dock isn't working.

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