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Second, to any student, staff, faculty or guest who identifies with an historically oppressed group, the presence of the murals in 21st century America mocks every attempt to make campus more inclusive, more diverse and more culturally sensitive.African slaves are depicted comically, and Columbus’ incipient role in the buying and selling of humans as chattel is depicted as a holy and Christian act.There is no place in the modern Church, not to mention in a modern Catholic university, for glorifying a Christianity of murder and enslavement.Native students have been urging the administration to deal with the murals since at least the early 1990s. ’17 Dominic Acri ’18, Sicangu Oyate Carrera Brown ’18, Diné Molly Demel ’18, Chickasaw Angela Dunsmoor ’18, Chippewa Armani Porter ’18, Eastern Band Cherokee William Wolfe ’18, MBA, Citizen Potawatomi Nation R. Weitzel ‘19, Diné Mark Brinegar ‘20, Muskogee Creek Jebraune Chambers ’20, Choctaw Sarah Maazouz ’20, Cree Tribe Grayson Maker ’20, Cherokee Rebecca Parmenter ’20, Stockbridge Munsee Community Band of Mohicans Hibram Sanchez ’20, Pasqua Yaqui Lia Acri SMC ’21, Sicangu Oyate Clare Armstrong ’21, Osage Tribe Alan-Mychal Boyd ’21, Sicangu Oyate Mikaela Murphy ’21, Cherokee Keely Thornton ‘21, Choctaw Nation Zoe Prendergast ‘21, Choctaw Marcus Winchester-Jones ’21, Pokégnek Bodéwadmik Steve Alagna ’11, M.D student, clinical psychology Julianna Poole , MA ’18 Logan Quigley, Ph D student Atalia Omer, Associate Prof of Religion, Conflict and Peace Studies Daniella Rebouças, Psychology Graduate Student Summer J. D., Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology 2006-2008 Sara M. Wilson, 93 MDiv Samuel Lima, MADU ’12 Jason Steidl, MTS ‘11 Nicholas Ottone, 20 Cindy Lee, BBA ’18 Katherine Bermingham , Ph. Candidate, Department of Political Science Timothy Herron, BS 1992 Matthew Magiera, BS Chemical Engineering ‘20 Daniel J. ’16 Mike Haskel, Ph D Student, Math Department Naomi Bishop, Librarian in Residence 2010-2012, Akimel O’odham (Pima) Gila River Evan Henley, BBA ’07 Anne Jarrett, ’20 Elizabeth Boyle, ’20 Emily Vanderbleek, MA ’16 Valeria Vázquez Guevara, MA ’17 Lauren Jhin, BA ’20 Marie-Claire Klassen, Graduate Student Allison De Luna, BA ‘14, Diné and Taos Pueblo Grace Schippers, BS ’20 O. Gettig, Pokagon Band Elizabeth Berg, BS ’17 Ashley Flakus, BA ’18 Katherine Elizabeth Surine, BA ‘18 Music and Anthropology Bryant Vande Kolk, Graduate Student Tai Verbrugge, BBA ’19, Leah Selmek, BA ’17, Ben Sehl, UNDERC Student Hye Sim Chung, BA ’19 Jeanine M.Hicks, Ph D 2012 Sophie Johnson, BS ‘20 Andy Buechel, MTS, ‘07 Caleb Day, M. Mays Maria Mosley, ‘17 Amelia Munoz, BA ‘86 Angela Bird, BA ’16 J.D Candidate Megan Red Shirt-Shaw, Oglala Lakota Sioux Kel Beatty, ’18 Kyle Lechtenberg, MTS ’08 Adam Wiechman, Undergraduate Student Anna Siebach-Larsen, Ph D, 2017 Chris Scherzinger, BS 1991 Ellen Mc Donald, Partner of Graduate Student Joan Martel Ball ‘78, BA ‘78, Shoshone Brady lefkowitz, Class of 2021 Catherine Barra, BA ’20 Desiree San Martin, BA ’16 Rhonda Wesaw-Keene, Pokagon Band Citizen, Pokagon Potawatomi Kimberly Johnson, Pokagon band Pamela Wynne Butler, Associate Director, Gender Studies Program John Schafer, Potawatomi Michael, Student, Sioux Toni Kirkpatrick, BA ’01 Joseph Cussen, BA ‘06 John Amato, BA ’05 Kaitlin Sullivan, ‘10 Dev Sethi, BA ’06 Monica Van Bladel, BA ’12 Mark Roland, BA ’03 Beverly G Weaver, Pastor, Goshen City Church of the Brethren, Goshen, IN Sara Lowe, South Bend resident for 39 of my 44 years John Ingersoll Elisa Holland Scott Conroy Mary Young Kyra Blas Patrick Bryan Katherine Kemp Ketan Jay Agrawal Olivia Brown Sydney Bloomhall Alysss Mike George Kingston Arika shae Heinert Casey Brayton Alaina Pruyne Robert W.

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Sakimoto, First Year of Studies Katrina Barron, Associate Professor, Mathematics Leo Guardado, Ph. Candidate, Theology & Peace Studies Margaret Anne Doody, Glynn Family Professor of Literature Jill Godmilow, Emerita Professor, Film, Television & Theatre Amitava Krishna Dutt, Professor, Political Science Beth Gelroth Klein, Staff, Law Library Mark A. Megan Mc Cabe, MTS ’10, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Gonzaga University Lauren Price ’05 Corbin Johnson ’11 Alex Rice ’16 Michelle Sawwan Mary Patano ’17 Andrea (Swinehart) Staron ’03 William Stewart ’12 Elizabeth Zapf ’86 Pacifico Soldati ‘07 Daniel Passon ’16 Karen Lawler ’05 Ellen Kennedy ‘05 Daniel O’Hare MTS ’03 Ph D ’09 Kaitlyn Dudley Curtin ’03, ’05, ’11 Elizabeth Hascher ’18 Steven Fisher ’16 Keziah Conrad MA ’08, Ph D, IIPS Amy Johnson ‘95, MA International Peace Studies Amy Scanlon ‘97 MA Winifred Romeril, MA ‘93, Flight Paramedic, Mercy Flight Central Sharon Kniss, MA ’14 Laura Snider, MA ’10, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies Clint Robert Niehus MA ’17, Kroc Erica Vesnaver ’12, Staff, ACE Grace Deardurff ’14 Kelsey Behan ’13 Peace Maari ’16 Kelly Cronin ‘15 Catherine Carothers ’15 Casey Baker ’17 Aniela Tyksinski ’17 Mary Connolly ’17 Gabrielle Dohmen ’17 Katherine Baltes ’17 Becca Williams ’17, Kroc Jonathan Brenneman MA ’16, Kroc Luis Miranda MA ’17, Kroc Jennifer Wittenbrink Ortega Morgan Rooney ‘17 Jennifer Betz, BA ’02, MA ’08 Kaitlyn Krall ‘16 Adriana Holguin ‘00 Enrique Lorenzo ’16 Yurianna Kim ’08 Michelle Saucedo ’10 Carrol Kelly SMC ’87 Hector Avitia ’10 Daniel Gonzalez ’95 Mary (Etsitty) Kieyoani ’96 Jaime Luna ’09 Maya (Noronha) Duff ‘05, ‘07 Marcelo Reyna ’93 Ashleigh A.First, to any Native American student, staff member, faculty member or visitor who enters Main Building, the murals offer the most debasing form of insult.The Native persons are depicted as stereotypes, their destruction is gilded over and their slavery is celebrated.The murals commemorate and laud the beginning of the centuries-long systematic removal of Native American persons and culture from the United States.While recent efforts to honor the past relationship between the Pokagon Tribe and Notre Dame are commendable, true progress will be impossible until the murals are removed.

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