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Here is a list of all Fairy abilities and the levels at which they unlock: Gold and Toads: Sims will vomit gold or toads nearly a dozen times over six hours.Each pile of gold is worth , and they rarely seem to vomit toads.You can also make one yourself using Supernatural's Alchemy Skill.Fairies have the same basic needs as other Sims, but live five times longer with 100 days spent in Young Adult.They are also able to get a 20 moodlet, and share it with all around with their Soothing Aura ability.The will also get some solid, long-lasting moodlets from pulling Fairy Tricks on Sims.Fairy Dust, Flight of Felicity, and Interations Fairies get several social interactions, such as bragging about wing color and how many pranks they've pulled.Those are great for varying conversations, with several found only under the Special category when picking Socials.

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They can also request Fairy Dust through the Friendly menu, which has no value but allows you to use this blessing at will on yourself or another Sim.

Inside, they can drink Pollen Punch, which fills a bit of hunger and can give a 2h 50 moodlet. Also, sleeping in the Fairy House does not give a mood boost from its Well Rested moodlet.

Fairies can also throw a party, and may get a positive moodlet if it's good.

Fairy Babies Two Fairies would naturally have a Fairy Baby, but any other combination leaves a 50% chance the offspring will be a Fairy.

Fairy Children can perform a few tricks, but cannot gain levels in their Fairy abilities until their Teenage years.

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