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They should also provide fire buckets, one for each floor or again be fined. pulled its Button Machine across the Chemung River in order to save buildings on the south side of the River. They often challenged the other Companies to feats of skill and tests to see who could throw water the farthest.

The Village voted to purchase an Engine for the use of the company, and ladders, firehooks and buckets. Fire - Destroyed both sides of the street between Baldwin and Lake Sts. A bell tower of brick was built on Market St., near the site of the former Central Station.

The citizens became alarmed when they realized their fire protection had disintegrated and voted money for a new supply.

He has lived his entire life in Elmira, with the exception of a four year absence when he served with the United States Army in the Pacific Theatre during World War II. 29th--Resolution adopted: “There shall be no tossing or throwing of fireballs, or firing of any squibs, rockets or crackers in said village, and any person guilty of said violation of this ordinance or in any manner siding or abetting or assisting therein, and the parent or guardian or master of any child under his care, under 15 years of age, who shall violate the same shall pay a fine of one dollar.

The owners or occupants of buildings were required to furnish “good and sufficient ladders of suitable length to reach the roof”, and in case of removal of said ladder, they would be fined. Young America Fire Engine Company was composed of many of the “young blades” of the Village.

Four hundred dollars was voted by tax towards these purchases and with delivery in 1835 of a pumper, dubbed “old Gooseneck” at a cost of 0 Elmira’s first volunteer fire company was installed. The tower was 79 feet high, with a bell weighing 1 1/2 tons mounted at the top.

Made up of 20 of the leading citizens of the Village. There was a cat-walk around the top, and a room just beneath in which resided the bell ringer.

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