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Jason (Zac Efron), Daniels (Miles Teller) dan Mikey (Michael B. Daniels kecewa terhadap Mikey karena mereka memiliki perjanjian untuk tidak menjalin asmara serius dengan wanita. Jason dan Daniels membawa Mikey ke sebuah bar untuk melupakan apa yang sudah terjadi.I’m sure the publicist for Tom Gormican’s Are We Official Dating?would love me to label the film ‘the American Pie for the next generation’.Efron is Jason, a lothario, who's all about the booty call and the lack of commitment.A book cover designer by day and barfly by night, he lives his life in the now, and always avoids that awkward moment in a relationship when it's about to turn serious.

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So, provided you don’t walk into The three male leads have better chemistry together than with any of their love interests, and Miles Teller is always a sure bet for well delivered jokes. Honestly, I could have enjoyed this film on mute, purely for the amount of screen time devoted to Zac and his artfully tousled hair. Inability to commit ultimately leads Jason, Daniel and Mikey into a tangle of despair, although there’s always just enough time for them to man up, and get the girl in the end.The problem with (apart from its shocking title) is that the happy endings balance on the female characters having little to no standards. Your boyfriend told his friends he was sleeping with someone else instead of dating you, and then literally walked out of your family thanksgiving party with no pants on?Namun belakangan Daniels juga menjalin hubungan dengan Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis).Ketiganya kini sadar kehidupan mereka telah berubah.

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