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In the 1980s, the SDN engaged directly in matchmaking – its primary targets were Singapore’s college-educated women who often remained unmarried. In the 2000s, the SND shifted to accrediting private agencies.

In the Netherlands, the situation is similar to the United States.

"Dean Welsh has never heard of this website, has no idea who they are, and has no association with them or any other dating site.

He considers himself the happiest married man on this planet," Susan Robertson, director of communications and external relations for the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University, told the in an email on behalf of the school's dean, who is out of town this week.

As you might expect, many such sites cater to specific religious or ethnic groups. There’s a dating site for pretty much any type of person out there.

There is very little government regulation, thus nine dating sites announced this week that they would start policing themselves. Sites who achieve the certification can display a blue logo with a lock with a heart shape in place of a keyhole.

The dating sites spent a year working with the , the Netherlands’ leading consumer rights advocacy group, to develop the criteria for certification.

These range from blogs to the dating sites themselves. They can run various types of background checks on your date for small fee. Then they threaten to publish your conversation unless you pay them off. For instance, in Singapore, a government agency called the Social Development Network (SND) accredits private dating services.

OKCupid, a huge free dating service that operates around the world, offers guidelines on how to be safe and avoid scams. The SDN’s website provides a calendar of singles events organized by the dating services.

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