Han hye jin dating

It’s the first k-drama I’ve ever seen it again, and I know that it won’t be my last. I plan to even re-watch it this summer in an effort to rope my best friend into watching k-dramas with me!

Lee Hong-Ki is creeping up on my love for Lee Min Ho, and if you know how much I love Lee Min Ho, then you know just how much of a statement that is coming from me. The acting, the directing, the scenery, the soundtrack, and the beautiful story embroiled in it all. I didn’t plan on reviewing this, so I may end up doing a part two later in the year to write a full review/recap.

The dramas' popularity soared not only in Korea, but also abroad including Japan, Taiwan and Europe, and Song finally became one of "Korea's sweethearts." Although Song Hye-Kyo's big-screen career has not met as much commercial success she is not afraid take on new challenges. She dated Hyun-Bin, her co-star from Worlds Within.......

Not romantically involved during filming, the two had kept in touch after the drama ended and they started dating in June 2009.

There’s also the mystery of how Yi-Kyung and Doo Rim could pass for twins. Na Doo Rim, needing money for her grandmother’s surgery, agrees to the conditions of the plan, but she has no idea about the curse or the family using her as a sacrifice.

That story won’t be answered until the final episode, so practicing your patience skills is a must to truly love this drama. is the romantic, fairytale-esque story that unfolds between chaebol Lee Kang-Ju and poor, country girl Na Doo Rim while she’s under the guise of Yi-Kyung. She has no problems in telling Kang-Ju what she thinks of his behaviors.

You can tell a lot of thought went into this series because the execution is flawless.

And it was handled in a way that felt natural and organic.

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Jin-Sung deserves more leading roles because she absolutely shined here. And, I can’t forget that Lee Hong-Ki also did a great job starring in this drama.

There were even a couple of twists I wasn’t expecting that made me enjoy the drama even more.

One of my favorite parts is when Kang-Joo reveals when he first fell in love with Doo Rim. What I didn’t like: All in all, this is one series not to be missed.

a romantic melodrama with supernatural/fantasy undertones, was a masterpiece from start to finish.

It’s the story of a prominent family that runs a huge business called Taeyang Corporation, who believe in a one-hundred-year-old curse that’s been passed down through the generations. They want to keep up the facade because their company is going to go under unless they get some money.

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