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Both parts of Pre-dating god go through the same songwriting tropes and are about even in quality, but Part 1 may be the stronger installment.

“Embers Of Will” is the strongest track thanks to an ominous middle section reminiscent of Mercyful Fate while the choruses on songs like “Hell’s Disciples” and the title track help keep the elaborate structures memorable.

When combined with the soaring vocals of Thisiren, it manages to outshine the original.

Pre-dating God, Part 1 is a well-balanced effort that sees Satan’s Host throwing on the brakes compared to previous efforts.

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When considering how prolific Satan’s Host has become in recent years, it isn’t too surprising to see them slide into a set style.Surprisingly, Thisiren brings a few section of deep, growled vocals, which may or may not have to do with a statement by L. The band finishes off the first portion of their double concept with a rendition of Grim Reaper’s classic “See You in Hell”, which has been a live staple of the band for some time now.Infusing their blackened touch into the classic track adds some venom, giving the song a harder edge.The album fires away from the start with “Hell’s Disciples” and “Embers of Will”, which both bring near blasting drums and rollicking rhythms alongside stellar lead guitar licks.Thisiren is in fine form with his signature soaring croon, even belting out some crazy falsettos.

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