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There are some interesting things in the display case that are visible in the high resolution image.

Link to High Resolution Picture Copy Contax Display Picture Information Email The first is simple and it's about your precious lens that needs service.

The camera repair field was, is and will always be full of camera butchers.

They will tell you anything to get you to put your precious gear into their rotten hands, ruin your gear, do incompetent or incomplete work and then take your money.

Contax, Contessa, Contina, Super Ikonta and other Zeiss Camera Lightmeters overhauled and new photocells are available.

Rumors of my death being posted on the Internet are greatly exaggerated.It would be nice to be able to identify the camera store and the two gentemen in the picture.If you can provide this information please contact me by email using the link provided below the picture. You can download a high resolution copy of this picture by clicking on the link beneath it.is the premier site for restoration, repairs, maintenance, custom modifications, advice and information about your Zeiss Ikon Contax cameras, lenses and accessories.Custom machining and repair parts are available in conjunction with service and overhaul work performed here.

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