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Jack starts working at The Ice House with Joey and Bessie, both of whom view him as a bit of a klutz, Bessie referring to him as 'chore boy'.

As Jack and Joey get to know each other better and Jack kisses her, they begin a relationship after Joey breaks up with Dawson.

Although it is a harrowing experience for Jack as his father in unsupportive and Jack and Andie throw him out of their house, Jack seems overcome with relief that he can finally live his true life and no longer hide who he is.

During this time Joey is still a support to him, and Pacey as well, who befriended Jack through his romance with Andie.

Most often counters to this tendency come from Grams, Jen and Joey.

When Jack first arrives in Capeside, he is described by Andie as 'shy, but great and really smart once you get to know him'.

Although Jack and his father mend their relationship and start anew, Andie leaves for Italy and sees his family less frequently for the remainder of the series.

This results in him dumping Tobey and slacking off at college, until he finds himself utterly unrecognisable.

Jack's relationships with Jen and Grams changes his life.

From Season 3 onwards, he has a home and steady core of support in his life, his friendship with Jen akin to that of Dawson and Joey – soulmates who connect deeply.

While Jack is incredibly intelligent, possessing academic prowess in league with Andie and Joey, he is also acutely discerning with regards to human interrelations.

This ability, which makes him a great friend to the gang, also in later seasons display his sense of notoriety, which sometimes needs to be balanced.

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