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Apparently, Kathy was rubbed kind of the wrong way when Donald Sutherland was named as this year's Oscars honorary recipient.

Per Griffin, she would've liked to see someone like Channing be given the honor.

Hollywood » Blog Archive » Revealed: Kathy Griffin's Secret Boyfriend is Tom Vise".

Recounted her guest appearance on the Seinfeld (1989) episode Seinfeld: The Doll (1996), during a stand-up performance on HBO Comedy Half-Hour: Kathy Griffin (1996), where she ridiculed star Jerry Seinfeld for being rude to her.

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While we're not always on board with Griffin's outlandish opinions, the red headed industry vet had some solid points when it came to her defense of acting legend Stockard Channing.Report: O'Reilly Settled Yet ANOTHER Sexual Harassment Suit For Million The former Fox News host apparently invited Kathy onto his podcast (ouch, how the mighty dickish have fallen!), and she posted not only the request but also her EPIC response!See what she and her mom had to say to Bill (below)! The decision came after the comedienne posed with a faux decapitated head that looked like Donald Trump.Video: Ben Affleck Faces Sexual Misconduct Questions!!

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