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Will “Travelling While Black” on Russian soil put them in harm’s way?

The short version: I had no issues at all during my time in Moscow and St.

Petersburg– in fact, I was treated exceptionally well.

I got a *lot* of love from local people and this was shocking to me based on what I’d heard and read about race relations in Russia.

Similar in style to 100500, their videos usually consist of an overview of the latest viral videos with Davidov hosting and commenting.

Curiously, and unlike 100500, This Is Khorosho is one of the very few Russian-speaking channels that doesn't have any swearing.

Their repertoire resulted in them being booked to sing at an event for Russian expats in Brisbane, which was featured in a Russian-Australian newspaper.

Dustyesky member Andrew Swain said that article was the catalyst for a media snowball that ended with them appearing on Russian national television broadcaster Channel One, with an audience of 250 million people.

I hope everyone out there is well and you all have a very safe and happy New Year!"The article went online and subsequently a newspaper in Belarus lifted the article and re-jigged it, and each time I've read a further article that's been translated it becomes more bizarre," Mr Swain said."Then we got a message on the phone with a little video attached, interestingly enough in the middle of an interview we were giving to another Russian TV station via Skype in the middle of the night."So, we held it up to the phone to Vilda [the reporter doing the interview] and said 'What are they saying?The weather is brutally cold most of the year, it has a reputation for being eye-wateringly expensive, and its sordid political past (and unstable political future) make it far more attractive to vacation in tourist hubs located in nearby Western Europe.(In 2015, London and Paris were ranked the 1st and 3rd most visited cities in the world, respectively.)Given all the above, I totally get why people are interested in our Russian holiday– their interest comes from a place of simply not knowing. ” questions, my trip has also elicited a lot of curiosity from fellow black travellers who ask, time and time again, what it was like to travel there as a person who is In order to understand why this question pops up so much, it’s necessary to understand the history of African-descended people in Russia and former Soviet republics.

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