Marry without dating

The first and most important quality is that he be a believer.First Corinthians says a widow "is free to be married to whom she wishes, only in the Lord." This applies not just to widows, but to all of us.It's tempting to idealize a man you've observed but haven't had the opportunity to date. She even had signs that pointed to the fact that he was "the one." All was well — until he announced he was engaged to someone else. She had nothing objective to go on; no evidence that he was destined to be her husband. But He works His inscrutable will through natural means.The longer this goes on, the more you can convince yourself that "he's the one." The hard reality is that if he's not initiating, or even reciprocating, what you have is a crush. And when it comes to making a marriage in our day, that's most often done through the natural process of friendship, conversation, dating, attraction, and input from older believers.He is an incredibly godly man, loves Jesus, loves people, respects and takes care of his mom, is hard-working, kind, fun, humble, self-sacrificial, loved and respected by so many, responsible, and so many other amazing qualities.

I hope I'm wrong about this and you just left that detail out.

You end up comparing each man you date against a subjective standard of your own making, as well as comparing each man against the others.

What you need is an objective standard for measuring the character of the men you meet.

“Marriage, Not Dating” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Song Hyun Sook.

I absolutely adore, respect and cherish a guy I know.

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