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She starts to live by the phrase her dad told her, which is that "monogamy is not realistic." But then, she meets the dorky, funny and charming Aaron and the two actually fall in love. A lot of children of divorce train themselves to believe that monogamous relationships are unsuccessful, so Amy’s humorous character is already down-to-earth and relatable thanks to that angle.

This film shows how tough it can be to embrace love, and I also really like that it shows that women can enjoy casual sex as much as men can (usually the opposite is shown in movies).

Some relationships are just bound to lose their spark over a period of time.

Image Source: This movie actually did a good job of demonstrating how messy and complicated relationships can be.I love that it’s not your typical romance, where the protagonists get together to live happily ever after.This movie shows that sometimes things don’t work out, but you can survive being heartbroken and move on eventually.But more importantly, it showed us just how devastating it is to experience unrequited love.We see the entire movie through the eyes of Joe, a guy who falls helplessly in love with Summer.

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