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One of my main issues with not being able to go back to work so far is my in ability to interact properly with people, especially those that i don't know.

In fact, in randomized tests with 90 MIT juniors who volunteered for the research, the software showed its value.“Such programs also offer important advantages over the human role-players often used to teach such skills.They can faithfully embody a specific theory of pedagogy, and thus can be more consistent than human role-players.” One reason the automated system’s feedback is effective, Hoque believes, is precisely because it’s not human: “It’s easier to tell the brutal truth through the [software],” he says, “because it’s objective.” While this initial implementation was focused on helping job candidates, Hoque says training with the software could be helpful in many kinds of social interactions.The automated interviewer — a life-size, three-dimensional simulated face — can smile and nod in response to the subject’s speech and motions, ask questions and give responses.“While it may seem odd to use computers to teach us how to better talk to people, such software plays an important [role] in more comprehensive programs for teaching social skills [and] may eventually play an essential step in developing key interpersonal skills,” says Jonathan Gratch, a research associate professor of computer science and psychology at the University of Southern California who was not involved in this research.

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