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The cognitive dissonance between Lu Ann’s real-life and the televised, five-months-old version gets even worse when the former countess and Tom arrive at Tinsley Mortimer’s "Thank You, Sonja" party. D’Agostino has a surprisingly cordial conversation with Dorinda Medley and Bethenny Frankel where everyone heaps praise on the new marriage."One thing about Bethenny is she says [it] the way it is, good, bad, or otherwise, okay?Normally, they’re talking about the crazy nights and antics of celebrities, but on Sept. Grab your snow shovel, because there's a big storm a-brewin'!

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“I had two five month relationships, one right after the other, and I thought… Why am I getting myself into an exclusive relationship?

While some may think it's too early to get back into the dating scene, costar Ramona Singer says otherwise!

Everyone who watches Real Housewives of New York knows that Ramona Singer loves to brag about her dating prowess, but she is very tight lipped about what really goes down and with whom.

star Lu Ann (de Lesseps) D’Agostino confirmed she had filed for divorce from her husband Tom D’Agostino.

The former "Countess" and her "reformed" playboy had been married for just 216 days when the announcement came.

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