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But having that information about his family, which we touch on in the film, that helped me stay grounded.Did you talk to Rodney or his family or victims’ families to understand him further?

Some people believe being put on Death Row but not being put to death is almost a harsher sentence because you have to stay in this world and live with what you’ve done, whereas if you’re put to death, you’re being released and people might think that’s too good for him.

The movie follows Rodney through the years, being on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, getting arrested for some of his offenses, but ultimately let go time and again so he could continue to take new victims.

He was finally sentenced to death in 2010, but he’s actually still alive today.

I also didn’t want to use that or let that inform me too much because then you’re playing the ending of the film.

If just reading about his crimes made you feel ill, what were the most challenging scenes to actually shoot?

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