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Looking up, he saw the tear-stained face of his father, who offered to help lay the panel.

Over the past months, his love for Viki had enabled Sloan to grow significantly as a human being.

Phillippe's Billy was one of the first regular gay characters in an American soap opera, garnering widespread acclaim for the series.

Reverend Andrew Carpenter proved to be a trusted advisor to Joey Buchanan's teenage friend, Billy Douglas. James Church, a distraught Billy came to Andrew once again for help.

Paulina is expected to graduate this year, so keep your eyes open since we might see a substantial graduation present from Phillippe coming up soon!

Most recently the couple were spotted shopping furniture on Thursday …are we taking things up to the next level???

Virginia Douglas was moved by Billy’s speech and embraced her son saying, “Nothing could ever make me stop loving you! ” Andrew then dared the emotionally-drained procession to join him as he took the newly fashioned panel, honoring his brother, to the church lawn, where he proceeded to add it the sprawling quilt.

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He was joined in his anger by William Douglas who urged his fellow citizens to join him in boycotting the ceremony. James Church, Andrew delivered an impassioned speech about the destructive danger of hate and the divine power of love.

At the end of the speech, Billy publicly announce he was gay.

William Douglas was very homophobic and began to seek Reverend Carpenter’s resignation.

The charges against him spread through Llanview like wildfire!

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