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S.-South Korea to Resume Drills after Winter Olympics; Florida School Shooting; Trump versus Oprah.Aired 12-1a ET • Another Guilty Plea in Russia Probe; Gun Control Debate; White House Press Briefing.

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Aired a-11a ET • Florida Shooting Drive Students for Gun Reform Laws; Netanyahu's Former Right-hand Now a State Witness; Eastern Ghouta a Hell on Earth. Politics; Benjamin Netanyahu; Middle East War; Around 80 Schoolgirls Rescued After Suspected Boko Haram School Attack; German Court To Decide On Banning Diesel Cars; Sally Field Plays Cupid For Her Son.

Aired -3p ET • Trump Suggests Highly Trained Armed Teachers as Deterrent; Marco Rubio Breaks with NRA on Some Gun Control Measures; NRA Chief Speaks for the First Time Since School Shooting; Interview with Stoneman Douglas Teacher Melissa Falkowski; Trump Says He'll Push Stronger Background Checks, Raising the Age to Buy Rifles and Ending Bump Stock Sales; Trump: If Trained Teachers Were Armed, "Attacks Would End"; Rubio Breaks With NRA On Some Gun Control Measure.

Aired 9-a ET • NRA Chief Wayne La Pierre Calls for Hardening of Schools; Interview with Stoneman Douglas Student Carly Novell; Aired -11a ET • Florida School Massacre; Judge Rejects Manafort's Latest Bail Offer.

Aired 11-12p • Delta, United Join List Of Companies Cutting Ties With NRA; Sources: Three Other Broward County Deputies Did Not Enter School In Addition To School Resource Officer; Shooting Tipster Warned FBI: "He's Going To Explode"; GOP Florida Governor Demands Major Gun Law Changes; Manafort Faces New Charges Gates Signs Plea Deal With Mueller; Jared Kushner's Security Clearance In Question; Tipline Caller Warned FBI About Shooter in January; Sheriff Investigating Claims Deputies Stayed Outside; White House Imposes Sanctions on North Korea. Aired 3-4p ET • Eastern Ghouta Cries for Help; Illicit Affair Pull Barnaby Joyce from Power; Trump to Arm and Train Teachers with Guns; Additional Charges Filed Against Manafort and Gates.

Aired 12-1p ET • Democratic Rebuttal Memo Is Out; Democratic Memo Counters GOP Claims of Spying Abuse; FBI Never Acted on Tips about Gunman; Delta, United Join List of Companies Cutting Ties with NRA. Aired 10-11a ET • Former Senior Trump Campaign Rick Gates Struck A Deal With The Special Counsel; Big Companies Are Turning Their Backs On The National Rifle Association; President Trump Today Declaring That His Plan For School Safety; U. Aired 3-4a ET • Trump Calls for More Guns in Schools; Trump Children Travel to Asia; You Tube Apologizes for Trending Conspiracy Video; Broke and Hungry in Venezuela.

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