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It’s radio-friendly, which is essential for the first single.I can see it fitting right in with the likes of Britney, Gaga etc that rule pop radio right now.So he’s putting this album together that has all these different facets, different feelings, and different appeals. I really like that chugging beat in the back, and then the sharp stabs of random synth pieces are just really cool.When he talked about it in his Idolatry interview I was all “yeah well, that’s what you WANT but will it be what you actually get to do.” But here we are, he did do it. The song is a dirty, dirty party and I’m loving it. ) entendre – full of winking humour and mischievous sexuality while at the same time declaring Adam Lambert’s mission statement for his music.Review by Fashionably Late at TALC So now that I’ve come down from this wonderful Adam-induced high I’ve been on since 10am, here’s my take on the song.At face-value it’s catchy and it will get stuck in your head, whether you want it to or not.Digging a little deeper, the crazy/beautiful/amazing vocals that we all fell in love with are still there.My biggest concern prior to hearing the song was that it was going to be over-produced and we would lose the vocals.

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…it really does make you want to dance…even while i’m sitting on the couch…i love songs that can get a rise out of me…whether it touches my heart, touches my soul, or touches my dancing feet…and i’m confident this record with have a song for each feeling…i think it’s a great song to release as a single because it will get a lot of radio airplay, it’s the kind of song you want to blast when your driving with your friends, getting pumped up while your getting ready to go out, or just when you need a pick me up…you can’t listen to this song and not smile and shake what your momma gave you…it will be a club anthem…i think it sounds a lot like what it out on the radio but nothing like it at the same time…it’s hard to explain…it has elements of what we know is on the radio, you can hear the sam sparro and kevin rudolph influences…but it’s completely laced with the uniqueness and talent that is adam…the radio station i listen to in toronto is z103.5…and they play a lot of music that never reaches the states…this radio station also takes a lot of risks since many artists/bands also break the canadian charts before they do the american…they also play a lot of euro/dance/pop music…i like that FYE fits in perfectly with their play list…but also stands out completely on it’s own….i feel like people will say “what IS that? i love the lyrics beyond a level that i can explain and still be pg-13 lol!!!Also, gather up any gift cards you may have laying around your house and turn them into a donation to help the children.Let’s band together to become one voice, one light, to help the children. Adam Lambert Fans Giving page at Donors To find out more about Adam Lambert’s Charity Drive to help the children, see blog post titled “Adam Lambert’s Charity Drive – Spread The Light For Children” Speaking of children, Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, and Allison Iraheta answer questions from children in the following interviews.So, since I didn’t buy them, I’m gonna donate what they would have cost to donorschoose.” needacoke from TALC “I am going to a friends house tonight for snacks and Champagne—she saw some figs at Fresh Market yesterday and got the wild hair to try and recreate the prosciutto wrapped roasted figs we had in NC. Turn your unused gift card into a Donors Giving Card at Plastic Jungle: Plastic Jungle for Donors customers Then redeem it to support a classroom project that inspires you.” Rosie’s charity challenge is brilliant!All I have to take is cheese and crackers so I will donate the difference in what I would have paid for a nice meal to donorschoose. Each and everyone of us can find a way to give up something today to make a difference in the lives of children all across America.

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