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All of these activities can result in my being inaccessible to you on an emergency basis.

Clients who need emotional support between sessions should either have a primary clinician also, with whom I consult, or consult another practitioner.

If you are considering, entering, or already engaged in education, counseling or therapy with me, I hope the following information helps you utilize my services effectively and efficiently.

I will be happy to give you more information on any of these areas; please ask.

I have also worked with sexual trauma and exploitation victims, and with sex offenders and others who find their sexual behavior to be out of control.

I help clients learn a set of self-management skills that will put them in charge of their lives.

I have been active also in international, interdisciplinary groups which focus partly or wholly on sexuality.

I received a Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University in 1963: a pre-medical psychology major with a specialty in learning theory.

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