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Despite its complexity, it was cobbled together and approved by both legislative chambers in a breathtaking 24 hours.It passed the Senate in a 31-19 vote, with no debate. Among other changes, the bill will allow 10 new mini-casinos to open around the state, with each being able to operate from 300 to 750 slot machines and 30 table games.The language provided the extra protective area to Mount Airy, which is a Category 2 casino.Its county is touched by three sixth-class counties: Wayne, Pike, and Carbon.One, the Harrah’s casino in Chester, has an effective range of 127 miles.Crawford, president of the Wojdak Government Relations lobbying firm, said Mount Airy was among a long list of establishments concerned about the new mini-casinos “cannibalizing” business at the state’s existing gambling halls, which pay more than 50 percent in taxes on slot-machine revenue.

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When Pennsylvania’s legislature expanded gambling last month, a proposal was amended at the last minute that gives the Mount Airy Casino Resort an unusually large protective area barring any competitive gaming halls.

Steve Crawford, president of the lobbying firm representing Mount Airy, said many establishments were worried about the bill and had lobbied for a larger buffer zone, not a carve-out.

He said Senate leaders came up with the language that seems written exclusively to protect Mount Airy’s business.

HARRISBURG — In a last-minute maneuver before the state Senate last month passed a sweeping expansion of casino gambling in Pennsylvania, lawmakers added a 28-word amendment, cloaked in legalese.

“A category 4 slot machine license may not be located in a sixth-class county which is contiguous to a county that hosts a category 2 licensed facility,” said the phrasing, tucked halfway into the 939-page bill.

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