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Speed work is important because actual combat and emergencies require short spurts of full speed and sometimes long term cardio. Not too worried about it because rucking has always come easy to me. However that is not the right answer and while I may be acceptably capable of rucking without training on it I will do better with training.

John Mosby would probably criticize last month’s plan for being seriously lacking in time under a ruck. My broad plan for next month is to do 2 runs and 1 ruck a week.

I am thinking a long run, speed work and a ruck that probably is the same distance as the run.

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Such is the situation facing Denver East’s Rudy Carey, who at 65 is in the twilight of his coaching career.

Also the increased stamina has really helped me recover on the run after a hill or whatnot and after I need to run faster for whatever reason.

I have heard that you should not add more than 10% distance to a long run (from the last recent, like 2-3 weeks recent, long run) or in total distance a week. I ignored that advice in terms of long run distance once and messed my right knee up pretty good.

I probably doubled my mileage this month which nobody advises.

That is not necessarily advisable or reasonable.] The first week or two where I went from a long time of averaging probably 6 miles to 10 or 12 were rough.

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