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She becomes the first of three women in the small town to disappear under shockingly similar circumstances.When a woman hears from a man who assaulted her in college, she's determined to bring him to justice.A transient discovers the body of an unidentified teenage girl in a culvert beside an Arizona freeway, close to the Mexican border. On September 17th 2015, Edward Lowry is found savagely beaten and stabbed to death in a parking lot in South Dakota.Earlier in Washington, a teenager travels near and far searching for love and attention after a troubled childhood. With little evidence left behind at the scene, can police painstaking piece together Ed's last moments from CCTV to find his killer?

When a magical romance with a world-renowned surgeon develops into a nightmare, his fiancé uncovers a path of destruction that leaves dead patients and shattered families in its, Investigators at the Isle of Wight County Sheriff's Office are finally ready to make an arrest.With one case down, investigators continue to investigate the homicide of Carrie Singer.When new evidence is unearthed years later, it's clear the police were dead wrong.On March 18th, 2011, 32-year-old Patty Ayala is murdered at the Burger King where she works.

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