Singles dating who want sex

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But while things may be more casual than before, 69% of singles reported that they're looking for a serious relationship.

Although the majority of singles are ready for something serious, the survey found that only 44% reported going on a first date in the past year.

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While people are finding potential love interests online, dating doesn't look quite like it used to, the survey suggests.While it may seem like the first date is dead, Fisher said people aren't going on as many first dates because they're "hanging out" or in "friends with benefits" situations long before there's a first date.She notes that before online dating, a first date was often the first time two people met.Forty percent of singles report casually dating or hanging out with a few people.Fifty-five percent of singles report having a "friends with benefits" situation, where they can have sex with someone who will keep their tryst private.

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