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If John chooses to perform a second set of leg extensions, he will clearly perform a greater work volume.

He is unlikely to achieve a greater work intensity, however, by completing additional sets of leg extensions.

This could be adding weight to strength exercises, or running faster or longer with cardiovascular training.

Either way if you are not challenging your body no improvement will happen.

For example, when John can complete no more leg extensions with 150 pounds, he may immediately reduce the resistance to 130 pounds and perform a few more repetitions.

By so doing, he may fatigue more muscle fibers and provide a greater strength-building stimulus.

Insulin spikes occur roughly 30 min after ingesting the sugar, while protein and creatine tend to take about 90 minutes to be at their highest concentration in the blood stream.

monohydrate, except it has been micronized, which means the molecules of creatine have been divided or cut up.

This increases their surface area 20 times, increasing absorption and reducing stomach discomfort.

Strength Plateaus Strength plateaus are an inevitable part of the muscle-building process.

At some point, the training effort that previously stimulated positive muscle adaptations is no longer productive.

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