Stale dating

While a bank may no longer accept a check dated more than six months ago, the person who wrote the check is still liable to you for the debt or obligation that they wrote the check for.

An attorney specializing in banking laws or regulations may advise you of your remedies if you believe a bank honored a stale check in bad faith.

Unless you write on the check that it will not be valid after a certain number of days, banks may honor the check.The checks reported would be dated 6/30 or earlier.Checks issued to California addresses may not be reported to the State of Washington but must be reported directly to the State of California.If you are unable to cash a stale check, a business lawyer can help you recover the debt or obligation from the person who owes you the money.We've helped more than 4 million clients find the right lawyer – for free. Legal Match matches you to pre-screened lawyers in your city or county based on the specifics of your case.

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