Tabula rasa patch not updating

Become a hero and fight for supremacy in this brutal yet beautiful world filled with magical beasts, awe-inspring raids, and massive PVP conflicts.Critically acclaimed and free-to-play, Wild Star is a fantastical sci-fi MMO where you can join your friends or undertake your own epic adventures on the fabled planet Nexus!But Tabula Rasa lasted just 15 months before NCsoft pulled the plug and Garriott walked away. "There's really two games that I have shipped that shipped as less than I could have hoped or, I believe, less than I could have done: Ultima 8 and Tabula Rasa," creator Richard Garriott shared with Eurogamer."In both of those games it was immediately after selling a company to a larger company who had very strong opinions about how and why I should do the games that I was working on in a particular way.

"But what it meant," he added, "was that we were then two years out of position.

Take flight and join the immortal ranks of the Asmodians or Elyos in their quest to reclaim Atreia from the grasp of the Dragon Lords.

This award-winning MMO takes place in a war-torn fantasy world where three kingdoms constantly vie for power.

We thought if we're going to be great anywhere in the world, it would sure be great to be successful in Asia.

"We started the game by bringing on a lot of staff by our Asian partner, and we decided to create a game that we believed could be popular in Asia.

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