The guy i am dating is still on match com 25 year old woman dating 18 year old

If he does want to be exclusive with her and this DOES bug her , he should offer passwords to his account perhaps.

His reaction to that alone should be quite telling if his intentions are honorable or not.

Fine -- if someone's willing to beat around the bush (no pun intended) with handshake & lemonade dates, they can't expect exclusivity.

And she (like most women) have a say on how fast/slow it goes.

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Here's an update with my friend We didn't have the talk this weekend and couldn't hang out together. As a guy who likes to take things slow, the fact you had 5 dates before a kiss isn't a big issue. This sounds like something pre-teens would worry about.

They haven't talked about where they stand so you can't mention anything about "doubts" and "trust" issues yet. that would tell you everything You are NOT official until you both confirm that you are. She needs to make that clear right up front to him.

Exclusivity is not..(and never should be implied)Some people just shouldn't date. If he chooses to date or stay on line, he risks losing her.

I can't imagine having just kissed a woman two dates ago and having her drop the "where are we? There literally is no "winning" for guys with the sex as a weapon dynamic women are insisting on using. Maybe he got a message on there and just went to see who it was from? Doesn't mean he's sleeping with someone else, or even INTERESTED in someone else. Who wants to feel that their the "she'll do for now girl", whilst their online looking for "the one".

Taking things slow can be as big (or bigger) indicator of interest as anything. Do you expect a man to put physical blinders on when he goes out in real life because you had 7 dates? And the fact that he is going so slow as to have only kissed her after 5 dates kinda blows the "player card" out of the water, no?? Seems people have a different set of rules for dating online versus real life. Give the person whom you've met the respect they deserve and at least see where it might go. Make her use her brain cells and stop relying on other people to form her thoughts and opinions.

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