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For products purchased in France, see Statutory Warranties of Seller and Spare Parts.

Obsolete products are those that were discontinued more than 7 years ago.

My favorite on that front is Jon Peltier’s (if you get intrigued by this post, hop over and peruse a slew of other ways to have charts dynamically update).

Name each cell by clicking on the cell, then clicking in the cell address at the top left and typing in the cell name.

It’s important to have consistent naming conventions, so we’ll go with _Current for this (it works out to have the metric identified first, with the qualifier/type after — just trust me! The screen capture below shows this being done for the cell where the current value for Orders will go, but this needs to be done for Revenue and Web Traffic as well (I just remove the space for Web Traffic — Web Traffic_Current).

That leaves us with a Data tab that looks like this: While we’re on this tab, we should go ahead and defined some named cells and some named ranges.

We’ll name the cell in the first row of each metric column as the current value for that metric (the cells don’t to be named cells, but it makes for easier, safer updating of the dashboard as the complexity grows).

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