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We're celebrating with a roundtable discussion about the decade-old social network. Then, what happens when parents of two African American boys send their kids to Dalton, a prestigious, and predominantly white school on Manhattan’s upper east side?The social experiment is documented by filmmakers Michèle Stephenson and Joe Brewster.Two million of the site’s annual photo uploads are items being put up for sale, with the actual negotiations taking place via comment threads and private messages.Among the many items being legally sold through Instagram are firearms.And if you’re a minor, you’ll have to print the document, have your parent or guardian sign it, then scan and attach the signed form to the original document.You should also keep in mind that the form is going to ask you for all the information we’ve already established you don’t have access to.Everything was tossed, except for one thing…the photos.

Whatever the answer, you can read the full statement below."In response to some recent concerns raised regarding Myspace user account reactivation, we have enhanced our process by adding an additional verification step to avoid improper access.

If you’ve got still got your login info: If you know the email and password to your old account, then congratulations! All you have to do is log back in, go to your settings and select “delete account”.

If you don’t have the password, but you have access to your sign-in email, My Space will resend it to the address on file, and you’re good to go.

If nothing else, this illustrates how crucial it is to constantly update security measures -- it shouldn't be possible to recover an account this easily, especially not in an era when data breaches are a seemingly regular occurrence.

Update: Myspace tells us that it has "enhanced our process" for account recovery by adding an extra step (it doesn't say what this is), and that it will "refine and improve" the recovery system over time.

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