Updating the video collection

A portfolio is the specific coverage, services, and link information relevant for a particular electronic title.Portfolios may be defined as standalone entities or as part of an electronic collection.The results are available on the Monitor Jobs page (see Viewing Completed Jobs).For more information, see Viewing the Link Local Electronic Resources to the Community Zone Job Report.Once an electronic collection is linked to the Community Zone, you can link any local portfolios that are part of the electronic collection to Community Zone portfolios that are part of the electronic collection (see Linking a Local Portfolio that is part of a Community Zone-Linked Collection to the Community Zone for related information).

In other cases, the Client ID is not necessary for linking to Pro Quest databases, but may enable additional services, depending on your institution’s license with Pro Quest.For non-SFX customers, you must enter the values for the electronic collections to which you subscribe.See the following table for a description of which parameters require information for which electronic collections. Additional electronic collections that are not listed in this table may require information for their parameters.These collections are activated for patron discovery automatically once they have a defined URL and an associated unsuppressed bibliographic record.When you initially link an electronic collection to the Community Zone, you can link the electronic collection, the service, and all the local portfolios.

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