Updating wordpress

It may be in different locations depending on your host, but click PHP Version Manager and navigate to the directory where your site is located that you also need to upgrade.

Choose one of the available PHP versions from the list, then click the Save button. Once you see a message letting you know the upgrade was successful, you’re all set.

You can also check out the full PHP manual for more details on using, installing and upgrading PHP for your server. Feel free to ask your questions or share your success stories and solutions in the comments below.

Here are some of the most common reasons why you should update the version of PHP on your server: These are all valid reasons, but before you go ahead and update PHP, there are drawbacks to upgrading that you should carefully consider and plan for.

If you want to keep your website running smoothly, it’s a good idea you change or update the version of PHP it’s running on soon since PHP 7 could soon be a minimum requirement for self-hosted Word Press sites by mid-2017.

And since PHP is the programming language that forms the backbone of Word Press, this is one tutorial you shouldn’t put off.

Since the SSH commands for upgrading or installing other versions of PHP are different depending on the type of server your have not one set of commands can be applied universally.

Click on one of the resources below to view details based on your server type: Keep in mind that if you use the commands provided in these links, you also need to remove the old PHP package from your server that you no longer need.

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