Web cam group chat room wild

He had no idea where the Sutton man, from south London, lived and begged UK-base users of the internet forum to dial 999.But the chatroom administrator known as Throat Punch said his attempts were 'futile' as others simply watched the man die in front of their eyes.Users watched on in horror and frantically tried to get UK visitors to alert the police after the plasterer, aged in his 30s, hanged himself.But Sun Online can reveal that users in the group were today mocking Gregory's death in the forum where he filmed the 30-second tragedy.It encourages users to insult each other as much as they can but some in the group with Gregory have said the chatroom "was not for him".

A Met Police said Mr Tomkins death was not be treated as suspicious and his elderly parents have been informed of the incident.

Speaking today Throat Punch said he was distressed at not being able to contact 999 when he saw 39-year-old Gregory on his computer screen. It was founded in 1998 - long before the likes of Facebook - and is popular with the first generation of internet users.

He said: 'As an admin in the room at the time this tragedy took place, the frustration of not being able to contact police because dialling 101 or 999 from a country outside the UK became immediately apparent.' Paltalk is a New York based video chat service which allows individuals to chat face-to-face either on a desktop computer or their mobile device. But it has courted controversy with some of its 5,000 chatrooms dedicated to discussing terrorism.

A US chatroom user has told how he desperately tried to get someone to call 999 as he watched a British plasterer hang himself live on webcam on Christmas Day.

The horrified American watched on in horror as his internet acquaintance Gregory Tomkins, 39, took his life.

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