Who is troy aikman currently dating

They were unable to find it with each other, but hopefully they will find it in the future in whatever way they choose. In the beginning of 2016 Troy began dating Capa Mooty.As a private man he never really indulged in gossip or answered many questions about his relationship.But it would also seem that he made a conscious decision not to date men. Most heterosexual people, however, never make this choice consciously.It simply doesn’t occur to them to date somebody of the same sex.

Hopefully, they concentrate on being happy for their father, who is 50 now and will hopefully not get divorced again.Troy Aikman married his ex-wife Rhonda just after he ended his incredibly successful NFL career due to various injuries.He spent his entire career with the Cowboys, winning three Super Bowls with the team.Perhaps Rhonda didn’t want to continue a relationship that was essentially based on a lie.Or Troy just couldn’t pretend any longer to be someone he was not.

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