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This conversation was always about women’s experiences, and somehow some men felt the need to chime in.There are ways for us to talk about the issues and pressures we face, even the trauma and violence we’ve experienced, without waiting for women to perform the emotional labour of starting the conversation. And we shouldn’t try to steal the spotlight when women are talking about something as important as the epidemic of sexual violence they face.Women used the hashtag to talk about shared womanhood and girlhood, experiences I can never know as a man.Butting into that conversation felt counterproductive, at best, and flat out intrusive at worst.Yet it seems the only time men ever want to talk about these things is when women start the conversation.After all, the thing that kicked this whole dialogue off is the allegations against Harvey Weinstein – made by dozens of women.

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Perched in a corner, legs splayed, she strokes her pubes then smears a generous glob of the foam over her pussy lips, leaving a patch of hair visible on her mound.

I knew this before the hashtag started trending, but seeing the faces of the women I know put to the statistic was jarring and unnerving.

I didn’t use the hashtag – although lots of men did.

The numbers took me by surprise, though of course they shouldn’t have.

Rape Crisis England and Wales took over 200,000 calls last year, and reports that one in five women aged 18-59 has been sexually assaulted.

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